Parent Agreement
  • The Band Immersion Program is a mandatory part of the West Moreton Anglican College Curriculum and as such, all students are required to participate.
  • Parents are asked to support the College and to assist their children in fulfilling their commitments to the Program as set out in the Student Agreement below.
  • Parents accept full liability for damage to the instrument and agree to pay all costs associated with repairs that are incurred/required while the instrument is in the care of their child. This includes damage incurred at school and at home and may include dents in the instrument and issues that arise as a result of carelessness or neglect (not normal wear and tear).
  • Parents are advised to include the instrument on their Home & Contents Insurance Policy while the instrument is in their possession.
  • All materials (instrument, red bag and tutor book) loaned to their child will be returned at the end of the Program in the condition in which they were issued.

2021 Year 5 & 6 Band Immersion Agreement

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Student Agreement

(Signed in class with Music staff)

  1. I will attend all lessons held during class time - one lesson per week.
  2. I will bring all necessary items to the lesson i.e. instrument, Method book. If I forget my equipment on more than one occasion, I might receive a practice session detention.
  3. I will complete any necessary homework between lessons (eg. learning note names, fingering, practice pieces etc).
  4. I will try hard to improve my playing skills.
  5. I will try hard to listen and concentrate in class and strive for high standards.
  6. I will take care of the instrument and tutor book lent to me.
  7. I will let the teacher know as soon as anything requires fixing or attention.
  8. I understand that the instrument is ONLY for the use of the student to whom it is lent - I WILL NOT SHARE MY INSTRUMENT WITH OTHERS!
  9. I will practise at home as asked by my teacher for a minimum of three times a week, for twenty minutes each time, or 10 minutes each night (daily practice is most effective).
  10. I will endeavour to "give things a go", even when things get tricky.
  11. I understand that all materials (that is, all items listed below) loaned to me will be returned at the end of the Instrumental Program in the condition in which they were given.