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Cost of Hire

The cost of hire is $40 per term and is charged to your term account.

Conditions of Hire

The rental instrument at all times remains the property of West Moreton Anglican College and is issued on loan to the student subject to the following conditions:

  • The instrument is to be used by the student to whom it is lent and by no other person.
  • Every care and attention must be given to the instrument during the period of loan. Any loss or damage to the instrument is to be rectified at the parent's expense.
  • Loss or damage to any instrument on loan must be immediately reported to the College.
  • The Hirer is encouraged to insure the instrument against loss or accidental damage. It may be covered under an existing Householder's policy.
  • On no account must the Hirer, student or any other person attempt repairs or adjustments to the instrument. Any damage to, or defects in the instrument, must be brought to the attention of music staff.
  • Hired brass instruments will initially be supplied with valve oil or slide grease, with the expectation that they will be replaced throughout the term of the hire period. Students hiring woodwind instruments will have to provide their own reeds as identified by the relevant music tutor. Due to the lack of moving parts, stringed instruments will be fully maintained by the College.
  • The instrument is returnable upon demand at any time for inspection, repair or for any other cause.
  • The initial loan agreement is for a period of 12 months. Thereafter, continued use of the instrument will depend on demand and in some cases will require the family to purchase their own instrument.
  • All student leaving the College must return instruments prior to their departure.
  • If in the opinion of the music tutor, a student is not carrying out reasonable practice or shows little ability with the instrument, the loan may be terminated.
  • If a student does not observe College policy on attendance at ensemble rehearsals, the loan may be terminated.