Monday, 17 Dec 2018

The graduating class of 2018 have been commended on their OP results which they received over the weekend.

The College’s highest OP achievers were invited back to the College today for a special morning tea that has become a WestMAC tradition.

14.2% of eligible students received OP 1-3 and 82.82% of eligible students received an OP 1-15.

The College had two OP 1s, six OP 2s and six OP 3s.

College Principal Geoff McLay said he was once again pleased with OP results achieved by its 2018 graduating class.

“The College is particularly pleased by the number of WestMAC students who achieved OP results from 1-3 with 14.2 per cent of eligible students achieving that which is a fantastic result for those students and the College,” Mr McLay said.

Back from left: Head of Senior School Mr Paul Alcorn, Andrew Sinclair, Thomas Render, Darcy Keogh, Alexander Gough, James Keogh, Patrick Bischoff, Principal Geoff McLay.
Front from left: Director of Curriculum Ms Sue Stewart, Cala Ahmed, Clare Bergmans, Bianca Hogeveen, Kathleen Apetri, Danielle Scalia, Freya Domrow, Catriona Clarkson.
Absent was OP1 student Megan Packer.