Thursday, 11 Feb 2021

2021 Safer Internet Day - Free Parent Webinars

West Moreton Anglican College recognises the many positive aspects of being online and is dedicated to creating a safer internet experience for our students. With so many of our children being engaged in the online world from an early age, it is vital that we teach them the skills required to maintain safe and respectful relationships on the internet. The College values your support in reinforcing safety basics and positive habits at home.

A wonderful opportunity is available for parents to participate in a free webinar in time for 2021 Safer Internet Day. Titled "eSafety's Parent Guide to Cyberbullying and Online Drama", it provides case studies, research and targeted advice from the Australian Government's eSafety Commissioner.

We strongly encourage parents to participate and support this important cause. Further cyber safety resources can also be found in the Student Protection section of our Junior School NEST page.

Registration details for the Safer Internet Day webinar can be found at