Tuesday, 22 Dec 2020

ATAR Results 2020

Congratulations to this year’s amazing Year 12 students, who made the WestMAC community proud with their academic performance especially considering this year’s new ATAR system, and also the COVID-19 restrictions. Of the 99 WestMAC students whose ATAR results were made available to the school, 29 students achieved a result of 90 or greater. This means about 29 percent of Year 12 students received a result of 90 or above. And 45 students of the 99 (45 percent) achieved a result of 85, which is an incredible outcome for all involved at WestMAC including teachers, staff, and supporters.

Principal Mr Geoff McLay was proud of the results. “As a school community, we have invested many hundreds of hours over the last four years in preparing for the introduction of the new ATAR system. Our teachers and students have delivered a diligent, consistent, and determined effort over many years to get us to this point. They have met all the milestones and expectations and that, in itself, is a cause for celebration.’’

School Captain and Dux Rupert Lupton (99.80), Academic Captain Damian Bellew (99.65) and Chapel Captain Henry Bischoff (98.90) led the way with OP1 equivalent results. Rupert said it took a few seconds for the results to sink in when they came through on December 19. “I saw my results and for 30 seconds I couldn’t believe they were real. This result has widened my university options and has given me the opportunity to follow any pathway I would choose.’’ Rupert’s best external exam result was 48/50 for Physics. “At WestMAC, I’ve had people to support and encourage me and to keep pushing me. They have believed in me and have given me different opportunities. I have developed self-discipline and an intrinsic motivation to keep going. My approach to study is not to go it alone, it felt we were part of a team. We focused on collaboration rather than rivalry.’’

Damian achieved 100 percent in his external exam for English, which traditionally was his weakest subject. “The English was a hard exam, so I’m very proud and shocked I did so well,’’ said Damian, who put in extra English study before the exam. Damian, who achieved 48/50 for his external Physics exam, has achieved the requirements for entry to his first preference which is double degree in Bachelor of Maths and Engineering at University of Queensland. “I needed a 94 for my university course so I was blown away to achieve a 99.65. I honestly never thought anything like this would happen. It was about the environment you surround yourself with and constantly working hard to do the best you can. Teachers inspired and supported me, creating so many resources and giving me the best opportunity of success. We wouldn’t have achieved what we did if we didn’t have each other there, to push each other, the support, and the friendly competition would motivate us to work harder to solve the hard problems. We were determined not to leave a stone unturned.’’

Henry Bischoff was surprised with his high-ranking result of 98.9, including his best results, 45/50 for Physics. He achieved above the 94 entry for the UQ double degree of a Bachelor of Maths and Engineering.

“I can relax now and enjoy Christmas. It’s a great early Christmas present. I was confident I would get into the 90s but to get 98.9 was definitely higher than expected. A lot of my success comes from my teachers who went above and beyond to help us with any questions while my parents were a massive help with their support.’’

Four WestMAC students achieved a perfect score (100 percent) in their external exams including twins Carl and Christopher Flottman, who both achieved 100 percent for Music Extension. Music Captain Carl achieved 98.65, which included a total score of 100 percent across all internal assessment tasks for Music Extension (Performance), so he finished with 100 percent for the subject. Music Captain Carl’s overall result means he comfortably qualified for the UQ Dual Engineering and Computer Science course, which had an entry of 88. He was thrilled to achieve the perfect result for both his internal and external results for music extension (performance). “The result surprised me. I had maintained 100 percent for the internal exams, but I wasn’t expecting to keep it up for the externals. It felt like all my hard work had paid off.’’

Also, Congratulations to Hannah Jones, who achieved a 100 percent in her external exam for Design, and Health and Wellbeing captain Jacqueline Kynaston (97.05), who was the top female student. Jacqueline’s best external result was 43/50 for Psychology, achieving 93/100 for the subject, combined with internal results. “I was very shocked and excited about my results, my heart was racing, I ran out to my mum. I started crying and my mum started crying, Even though all of the online learning period was very hard, we pushed through for our internal grades. The external exams were very tough, but all the study and hard work was worth it. You needed to maintain a positive mindset, because everyone was in the same position. All of my friends and teachers, everyone was trying to help each other because it was new for everyone.’’ Jacqueline comfortably qualified for the dual degree of Secondary Education and Science at UQ, which has an entry of 79.

A more detailed report of WestMAC’s ATAR results will be available next year, once results of all students are correlated.