Monday, 20 Feb 2017

Thank you to the QT for writing and sharing WestMAc's Class of 2016 success.

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REVEALED: 24 Ipswich schools with best OP scores

A RURAL Ipswich school has helped more of its students achieve better OP scores than any other educational facility in the region.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority recently released the Year 12 outcomes for schools in Ipswich.

In total 174 students in Ipswich got an OP 1-5, more than 10% of those students graduated from West Moreton Anglican College.

At WestMAC 22 students left with an OP 1-5 and a further 23 graduated with an OP score of 6-10.

Senior school head Paul Alcorn described the results as fantastic.

"I think it is very much a reflection of a change of culture in the last five-six years where we've challenged students to have high expectations of themselves and meet those expectations," he said.

"It's also a reflection of hard work our director of QCS test preparation and of the general commitment by teaching staff who are encouraging students to work hard."

Mr Alcorn said teachers at WestMAC supported students to manage their time and stress levels during senior years.

"It's one of those ongoing challenges and we make sure we are always having those conversations at assembly or one-on-one when we realise a student is struggling," he said.

"Even if that is just sitting down and mapping out with them how to manage their time.

'We just do what we do out here. We provide students with holistic balance, assist them to manage their time and our results."

Mr Alcorn said while the results were impressive, OP scores were not the only way WestMAC measured success.

"We also have a very strong vocational education program and the creative arts are such an integral part of what we do at the college" he said.

"It's never been about OP digits, it's about ensuring our students have opportunities when they leave school to further their career, whether that is going to university, getting a job or entering into a traineeship."

Story Credit - Anna Hartley QT