Saturday, 16 Dec 2017

The Class of 2017 should be very pleased with themselves, as they receive their Overall Position (OP) results today (16 December).

West Moreton Anglican College has recorded its best OP results in its 24-year history.

  • 10.3% of the students eligible for an OP score achieved in OP 1 or 2 (state - 7.8 %)
  • 32% of students eligible for an OP score achieved an OP5 or better (state - 21.9 %)
  • 68% of students eligible for an OP score achieved an OP10 or better (state - 50.5 %)
  • 99% of students eligible for an OP score achieved an OP15 or better (state - 80.1 %)

Principal Geoff McLay was delighted for this year’s graduates and said that these OP results reflect the “dedication, focus and commitment” of the students, and the quality of the learning opportunities offered at the College.

“We congratulate the Class of 2017 on their outstanding achievements, and we thank our teachers and parents for their support and contribution to these tremendous results,” Mr McLay said.

“Well done to our students that achieved an OP1: Alasta Firkins (Dux of College), Joshua Smith and Samuel Jacobi.”

“We strive to provide a quality learning environment where students are encouraged to continuously improve and achieve their personal best,” he said.

“This year’s OP results are the culmination of our ongoing pursuit to improve all that we do. These results are reflective of our students’ significant achievements in this year’s Queensland Core Skills test.”

The College’s academic, vocational, trade and agricultural programs also acknowledge those students who participate in alternative study pathways. In 2017, many students gained a QTAC selection Rank and Vocational Certification, and the College also congratulates them on their achievements.

“Our College is proud to have fostered a strong academic culture with one of the highest percentage of OP eligible students in the Ipswich region,” he said.