At WestMAC our aim is to develop who will be able to flourish in whatever scenario is presented to them now and in their future, and have created the Respect and Responsibility (R & R) Program.

The Respect and Responsibility (R & R) Program is designed to clearly articulate the behavioural expectations required of students; provide opportunities for explicitly teaching appropriate behaviour/social skills to students; focus on proactive rather than reactive strategies; provide various opportunities to reward students who consistently maintain a satisfactory and higher standard of behavior; and clearly articulate consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

Respect - every individual deserves to be treated with respect:

  • respecting the right of every individual to feel safe;
  • respecting the right of every individual to learn;
  • respecting themselves by giving of their best and maintaining neat personal presentation;
  • respecting the rules that are negotiated within the College environment and;
  • respecting the physical and natural environment.

Responsibility - instil in students the need to take responsibility for their own actions and to develop an understanding of having a responsibility towards others and the College community:

  • accepting responsibility for actions which may cause hurt to others and seeking to make it better;
  • taking responsibility for being actively involved in learning activities;
  • being responsible and reliable in relation to meeting commitments and being a positive team member and;
  • being supportive of College activities.

All College staff and students are expected to participate in the Respect and Responsibility program. In attempt to be age appropriate each sub-school approaches the Respect and Responsibility Program in a slightly different manner. Please contact the Junior, Middle and/or Senior School Receptions for further details on this program.