Worship @ WestMAC

WestMAC has commenced a weekly time of worship at the College's Chapel of the Good Shepherd - every Sunday during term time at 9.30am.

Our hope for Worship @ WestMAC is that it offers to the local community (College families and those not connected with the College) a place of worship where people might encounter God through story and reflection, prayer and shared communion and friendship.

In the book of the prophet Micah, in the Jewish Scriptures, we are reminded that what God wants for us is to, 'do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly with our God' (Micah 6:8). It is our prayer that our worshipping community might be a place that reflects that call.

Jesus offers us a way to transform our lives through the grace and love of God, and if you look at his life and ministry, you catch a vision of the world he called the Kingdom of Heaven. People who acted with compassion and goodness demonstrated the Kingdom of Heaven through their actions, and it didn’t seem to matter to Jesus what their ‘religious credentials’ were. You only have to read the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37) and the Parable of the Two Brothers (Matthew 21: 28-32) to get a sense of Jesus preference for those whose actions showed a loving heart, regardless of who they were.

We trust that Worship @ WestMAC will be a community of faith that is open, tolerant and excited to embrace the adventure of life and faith to which God calls us. It is our hope that our community is underpinned by a theology of grace and that we seek to understand our place in the world through scripture, tradition and reason.

The Chapel of the Good Shepherd is at the centre of West Moreton Anglican College. You can get to us by accessing the Chapel Gates on Keswick Road, Karrabin, every Sunday during term time at 9.30am (plus Holy Week, Easter and Christmas).

We are part of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane.

We look forward to meeting you at Worship @ WestMAC!

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