Governing Body

As a Diocesan owned School, the governing body of the School is Diocesan Council. The members of the Diocesan Council are:

  • The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall (Chair)
  • The Right Reverend Jeremy Greaves
  • The Right Reverend John Roundhill
  • The Right Reverend Cameron Venables
  • The Reverend Canon Nicole Colledge
  • The Venerable Geoffrey Hoyte
  • The Reverend Dr Rodney Wolff
  • The Reverend Dr Ceridwen Wynne
  • Ms Jennifer Basham
  • Ms Amy Norman
  • Mr Dan O’Connor
  • Judge Kevin Lapthorn
  • The Hon Justice Debra Mullins (Chancellor)
  • Mr David Sneesby
  • The Reverend Adam Lowe
  • The Hon Justice David Thomas (Deputy Chancellor)

Diocesan Council delegates certain governance functions to the College Council via the Constitution.

In circumstances where the Directors of the Governing Body must be provided with a report about sexual abuse or likely sexual abuse the Diocesan Council has, pursuant to Section 366B of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 delegated that role to Ms Sherril Butterworth, the Executive Director Anglican Schools Commission.

College Council

The College Council is a body of eminent members of the Church and community whose role is to provide governance and strategic direction to the College. It has delegated authorities from and responsibilities to the Diocesan Council of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. Members of the College Council include:


  • Dr Ian Lupton BDSc(Hons) is a Partner with the Limestone Dental Group located in Ipswich. Dr Lupton was previously the Deputy Chair of College Council since 2008 and is also Chair of the College Facilities Committee.

Deputy Chair

  • Mr Bruce Sackson B.Bus(Acc) FICA FTIA GAICD is a Consultant to BDO and board member and adviser for multiple boards.


  • Dr Andrew Ward BSc (Hons) PhD MBA GAICD, is Senior Manager - Mars Regional Research Centers, South East Asia, providing strategic leadership to Mars Wrigley’s Indonesian Cocoa Research facilities.
  • Suzanne Bain MEd MCurric.Studies BEd FAICD FACEL(Q) DSJ is an Educational Consultant specialising in School Governance, Strategic School Leadership, Board and Principal Mentoring and Organisational Culture Development. Suzanne has been a School Principal for 22 years, having worked in three Queensland Independent Schools (including two Anglican schools). Suzanne supports the Anglican Mission through her service on Anglican Diocesan Governing Bodies, including the St John’s Cathedral Chapter and the Anglican Schools Commission.
  • Wing Commander Craig Simpson is the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Amberley representative who is currently posted to Headquarters 96 Wing as the Head of Operations. Craig is an experienced leader and manager in both the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).
  • Mr Rob Hay BA, MBA, JD, GAICD is the Head of Distribution and Investor Relations at a boutique funds management company and has been involved in teaching and technical consulting at a graduate and post graduate level.
  • The Reverend Selina McMahon TSSF BSc(Hons) BA(Hons) M.Sc. is the Rector of Ipswich. A former computer software project manager, she has also previously worked as a School Chaplain and served as a governor of several schools in the UK. Rev Selina is also an active contributor to the Diocese on a range of matters including but not limited to issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Ms Charysse Pond APM GAICD is a member of QPS and board member for multiple boards.

Ex officio (non-voting)

  • Mr Geoff McLay BSc BEd MEd MBA AFAIM MACE MACEL GAICD - Principal.


  • Mr James (Jim) Barry B.Bus, FCPA – Director of Corporate Services.