Bus Network

WestMAC offers a cost effective and convenient option for getting your child/ren to and from the College, in partnership with Fassifern Coaches.

Fassifern Coaches operates exclusive bus routes for WestMAC students each morning and afternoon. Each bus varies in size depending on the route, and all are equipped with seat belts and air-conditioning. A door-to-door Late Bus operates each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate students extra-curricular and study requirements.

Timings and pickup points may change depending on the needs of students. If this is the case, parents will be notified via email communications at the beginning of each term.


Families have the option of purchasing Single, 10 Trip, 20 Trip and Term Pass on all routes from the College Cashier. Late Bus tickets are purchased separately.

Ticket Prices:

  • Single tickets – from $1.65 per trip to $4.10 per trip
  • 10 Trip Pass – from $16.50 per pass to $41 per pass
  • 20 Trip Pass – from $33 per pass to $82 per pass
  • Term – from $130 per pass to $275 per pass
  • Late Bus – from $2.50 per trip to $3.20 per trip

Bus passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Replacement term passes will be charged at $10.

Registration Process

To register your child/ren for travel on the WestMAC Bus Network is a two step process:

  1. Please contact the College Cashier to arrange payment for your child/ren to travel on the Bus Network. The College Cashier will be able to assist with any questions regarding the route and pricing options, and arranging payments.
  2. If your child/ren are catching the bus for the first time, please contact Fassifern Coaches on (07) 5463 1407 to register your child/ren’s drop off and pick up location.

For more information or to arrange a payment, please telephone the College Cashier on (07) 3813 4523.

There are also a number of public transport operators that set-down and pick-up at the College. Find out about these transport options.

Term 3 Bus Routes

Brassall / Mt Crosby (PM only Karrabin Rail)


7.05am - Lake Manchester Road (corner of Mt Crosby Rd and Lake Manchester), (R) Swensons Road, (R) Banksia Drive, Pick-up @ Banksia Drive, which becomes, Carbeen Street, Pick-up @ Carbeen Street

7.13am - Pick-up @ corner Bullock Dray Drive and Carbeen Street, which becomes George Holt Drive

7.17am - Pick-up @ outside # 71, (R) Mount Crosby Road, Pick-up near corner of Indra Crescent

7.27am - (R) Allawah Road, which becomes Lansdowne Way

7.28am - Pick-up outside # 63-67 Lansdowne Way, (R) Taloma Avenue, (R) Blackwall Road

7.38am - (L) into Kholo Road which becomes Waterworks Road , (R) into Pine Mountain Road

7.40am - Pick-up @ Brassall State School Zone 7 Bus Stop. (L) Vogel Road

7.42am - Pick-up @ Ipswich High School, (R) Workshops Street

7.46am - Pick-up opposite Jellicoe Street, (L) Pearse Drive to Grammar Gate, Pick-up outside # 48, (R) Mellor Place

7.50am - Pick-up outside # 2, Pick-up outside # 40, (R) Dorsey Drive, Pick-up outside # 3, back out to Pearse Drive, (R) Bradfield Street, (R) High Street, (L) Clune Street, (R) Vogel Road, (R) Sydney Street, which becomes Gregory Street, (R) Arnold Street

7.55am - Pick-up at corner of Ceres Street, (R) Grace Street, (L) Brady Street, ( R) Schillings Road, ( R) Haggarty's Avenue continue on to the College

8.05m - Set-down West Moreton Anglican College


Bus follows above route in reverse, departs WestMAC at approximately 3.10pm.

PM only - the Brassall / Mt Crosby bus stops sets-down at the Karrabin Rail Station before starting along Schillings Road.



7.10am - Depart William Street Bus Stop, (R) Patrick Street, which becomes Laidley Plainlands Road

7.18am - At roundabout take first exit to Plainland, at roundabout take first exit onto Gehrke Road, (R) Lorikeet Street - continue to Wagtail Drive, (R) Firetail Avenue, (L) Staatz Quarry Road, (R) Sandpiper Drive, (R) Bertrand Avenue, (R) Australian Il Drive

7.25am - Pick-up Australia Il Drive @ Cnr Lexcen Court and Australia Ii Drive, continue along Australia Ii Drive which becomes Thallon Road, (L) Hannant Road

7.30am - Pick-up Hannant Road @ Hatton Vale School, Pick-up Hannant Road @ Cnr Stephenson Crescent and Hannant Road, continue along Hannant Road, (R) Fairway Drive

7.35am - Pick-up Fairway Drive @ Cnr Fairway Drive and Hannant Road, Pick-up Fairway Drive @ Golf Course, continue along Fairway Drive, (L) Warrego Highway

7.45am - Pick-up @ Lowood Minden Road crossroads, continue along Warrego Highway, (L) off Highway onto Wulkuraka Connection Road, (L) Keswick Road, continue onto the College

8.10am - Set-down at West Moreton Anglican College


Bus follows above route in reverse, departs WestMAC at approximately 3.10pm.



6:50am - Pick-up @ Springleigh Park, Hoya Road

7:00am - Pick-up @ Butchers Shop, Kalbar

7:05am - Pick-up corner of Goetsch and Munbilla Roads

7:08am - Pick-up corner of Pearson and Munbilla Roads

7:12am - Pick-up @ the Pink Elephant, Cnr Milbong and Munbilla Roads

7:15am - Pick-up corner of Kengoon and Munbilla Roads

7:20am - Pick-up corner of Kengoon Road and Cunningham Hwy

7:30am - Pick-up @ Warrill View Store

7:40am - Pick-up @ Sugarloaf Road and Cunningham Hwy

7:42am - Pick-up @ Willowbank Raceway, corner of Champion Way and Cunningham Hwy

7:45am - Pick-up corner of Willowbank Drive and Coopers Road

7:48am - Pick up corner of Willowbank Drive and Banbury Court

Continue on to College, set-down at approximately 8.10am


Bus follows above route in reverse, departs WestMAC at approximately 3.10pm.

Deebing Heights / Yamanto (AM only Karrabin Rail)


7.00am - Pick-up Winland Drive outside # 3, (R) Chilton Court, Pick-up outside # 20, (L) Leesmore Court, Pick-up outside #41, (L) East Field Court, Pick-up outside #16, (L) Winland Drive, Pick-up outside #119, #143 and #164

7.12am - (L) Grampian Drive, Pick-up @ bus stop near Sovereign Drive, (R) Lakeview Drive, (L) Dannika Way, (R) Lakeview Drive

7.20am - (R) Pisasale Drive, (R) Kerners Road, Pick-up bus stop @ Balsa Street

7.24am - (L) Deebing Creek Road, Pick-up @ Amberley State School, (R) Ash Street, Pick-up outside #5A, Pick-up @ Kensington Drive at Winston Glades Shopping Centre, (R) Reif Street, (L) Kurrajong Street, Pick-up outside #29, (L) Hibiscus Street, Pick-up outside # 32

7.33am - (R) Pepperina Street, (L) Discovery Street, Pick-up @ #4, (L) Edwards Street, Pick–up @ #169, Pick-up corner Discovery and Edwards Street, Pick-up near Rockman Drive, (R) Raceview Street, Pick-up @ Westminster Crescent

7.37am - (R) Cascade Street, (L) South Station Road, Pick-up @ corner Harding Street

7.45am - (L) Blackstone Road, Pick-up outside #137, (L) Chermside Road, (R) Griffith Road, which becomes Garden Street, (R) Thorn Street, (R) Moffatt Street, (L) Old Toowoomba Road, (R) Toongarra Road, which becomes Karrabin Rosewood Road, (R) Wulkuraka Connection Road continue on to the College via Wulkuraka Rail Station (AM only)

8.00am - Pick-up @ Karrabin Rail Station (AM only)

8.05am - Set-down West Moreton Anglican College


Bus follows above route in reverse, departs WestMAC at approximately 3.10pm.

Kenmore / Chapel Hill


7.10am - Moggill Road, Pick-up @ Alkira Stop 30

7.20am - Pick-up @ Moggill Road at Brenden Street Stop 32, Pick-up @ Moggill Road Kenmore Churches Stop 34 , Pick-up @ Moggill Road Kenmore Central Stop 35

7.25am - Pick-up Moggill Road @ Misty Morn Stop

[PM only - (R) Pullenvale Road, Pick-up @ Pullenvale Hall, Pick-up @ Pullenvale State School, (L) Grandview Road, (R) Moggill Road]

Pick-up Moggill Road @ Mt Crosby Road Stop

7.29am - Pick-up Moggill Road @ Bellbowrie near Birkin Road, (R) Montanus Drive, Pick-up @ corner Pinkwood Street

7.34am - (L) Kangaroo Gully Road, Pick-up Kangaroo Gully Road @ Bellbowrie Chase Stop, (R) Moggill Road, Turn-back at roundabout, Pick-up @ Moggill Terminus Stop, (L) Kangaroo Gully Road

7.35am - (L) Church Road, Pick-up near # 91 Church Road, Pick-up near Honeyeater Crescent, (R) Hawkesbury Road, Pick-up opposite Castlereagh Place, (R) Sugars Road, (L) Kangaroo Gully Road, Pick-up outside # 482, (L) Mount Crosby Road

7.45am - Pick-up @ West Vet Practice, continue on Mt Crosby Road, (L) Tanderra Way, Pick-up corner near Illoura Grove, (R) College Road, Pick-up Burrun Park @ corner near Boolungal Way

8.00am - (R) Warrego Highway and onto to the College

8.10am - Set-down West Moreton Anglican College


Bus follows above route in reverse, departs WestMAC at approximately 3.10pm.

Springfield / Redbank Plains / Collingwood Park


6.50am - Depart Mur Blvd, (R) Sharpless Road, (L) Ivy Street, Pick-up Ivy Street, turn around within Ivy Street and continue along Ivy Street, (L) in Sharpless Road, (L) at roundabout into Topaz Road, through roundabout onto Woodcrest Way

6.53am - Pick-up outside # 90, continue along Woodcrest Way, (L) Bridgewater Road, (R) Springfield Parkway, which becomes Springfield Lakes Blvd, (L) Summit Drive

7.00am - Pick-up corner Lakeside Avenue and Admiral Crescent, continue along Lakeside Avenue, (R) The Promenade, (L) Springfield Lakes Blvd, (R) Creekside Drive

7.03am - Pick-up corner Creekside Drive & Springfield Lakes Blvd, continue along Springfield Lakes Blvd, (R) Springfield Greenbank Arterial

7.10am - Pick-up @ Orion Shopping Centre Bus Station, Southern Cross Circuit, (L) Main Street, (R) Springfield Greenbank Arterial, (R) Sinnathamby Blvd, which becomes Augusta Parkway, (L) Santa Monica Drive

7.15am - Pick-up @ corner Renehan Place and Santa Monica Drive, U-turn back onto Santa Monica Drive, continue through roundabout onto Grangewood Avenue, (R) Brookwater Drive, (L) Silky Oak Drive, (R) Mountain Ash Place

7.22am - Pick-up outside #10, turn around at end of Mountain Ash Place, continue along Mountain Ash Place, (L) Silky Oak Drive, (R) Brookwater Drive, (R) Birchwood Crescent, (L) Whitewood Crescent

7.24am - Pick-up @ corner Birchwood Crescent , continue along Whitewood Crescent, (L) Birchwood Crescent, (R) Brookwater Drive, (L) Forester Avenue, Pick-up @ corner Forester Avenue, (R) Augusta Parkway which becomes Jones Road

7.28am - (R) Columbia Drive, (R) Bellbird Drive, continue through roundabout on to Berkeley Circuit, Pick-up @ corner Berkeley Circuit, continue on Berkeley Circuit to Bellbird Drive, (L) Columbia Drive, (R) Augusta Pkwy, continue along Jones Road, (R) Redbank Plains Road

7.35am - Pick-up @ Redbank Plains Shopping Centre Bus Stop, continue along Redbank Plains Road, 1st exit at roundabout onto Kruger Parade, Pick-up @ Kruger State School, continue on Kruger Parade which becomes Duncan Street, (R) Namatjira Drive, (L) Collingwood Drive, (R) into Redbank Plaza Shopping Centre, (L) onto Ipswich Motorway, continue along Warrego Highway, take the Mt Crosby Road Exit (Tivoli), continue along Mt Crosby Road, (R) Hill Street

7.50am - Pick-up Hill Street @ corner Mossom and Hill Streets, continue along Hill Street, (R) Albert Street, (L) Cyprus Street, 2nd exit at roundabout into Kay Street, (R) Connors Street, Pick-up # 20, (L) Roberts Street, (R) Holdsworth Road

7.55am - Enter Warrego Highway, (L) Pine Mountain Road Exit, (L) Fernvale Road, (L) Heritage Drive

8.00am - Pick-up Heritage Drive @ various houses, (R) Fernvale Road, (L) Warrego Highway, take Wulkuraka Connection Road Exit on to the College

8.10am - Set-down West Moreton Anglican College


Bus follows above route in reverse, departs WestMAC at approximately 3.10pm.

Westlake/Forest Lake


6.45am – Pick-up @ Brisbane Terrace, (L) Wacol Station Road, (L) Sumner Road

7.00am - Depart Sumner Road - Seven Eleven, continue along Sumner Road, (R) Horizon Drive

7.06am - Pick-up Horizon Drive @ Peter Lightfoot Park, continue on Horizon Drive, (R) Dandenong Road, (L) Sumner Road, (L) Centenary Highway, continue along Centenary Highway, (L) Inala/Forest Lake Exit, Garden Road, which becomes Forest Lake Blvd

7.20am - Pick-up Forest Lake Blvd @ opposite Lake

7.25am - Pick-up @ Forest Lake Village bus stop, continue along Forest Lake Blvd which becomes Wadeville Street, (R) Stapleton Road, (R) Logan Motorway, continue along to Ipswich Motorway, continue along to the Warrego Highway, (L) River Road, (R) Ashburn Road, (L) Bognuda Street, (R) Wall Street, (L) Byrne Street

7.40am - Pick-up @ Byrne Street, continue along Byrne Street, (L) Law Street

7.43am - Pick-up @ Law Street, (R) Vale Street, (L) Byrne Street, (R) Brisbane Road

7.55am - Pick-up Brisbane Road @ Sizzlers, Newtown, continue along Brisbane Road, which becomes Queen Victoria Parade into Limestone Street

8.00am - Pick-up Limestone Street @ opposite Coles, continue along Limestone Street, which becomes Burnett Street, (L) Brisbane Street which becomes Old Toowoomba Road, (R) Toongarra Road

8.05am - Pick-up opposite Leichhardt Primary school, continue along Toongarra Road which becomes Karrabin Rosewood Road, continue onto the College

8.15am - Set-down West Moreton Anglican College


3.10pm - Depart West Moreton College, (R) Haggarty's Ave, (L) Karrabin Rosewood Road, which becomes Toongarra Road

3.20pm - Set-down @ Leichhardt Primary School, continue along Toongarra Road, (L) Old Toowoomba Road which becomes Brisbane Street

3.24pm - Set-down @ Bunning’s West Ipswich

3.26pm - Set-down opposite 4th Child Cafe

3.28pm - Set-down opposite Coles, continue along Brisbane Street, which becomes Queen Victoria Parade

3.32pm - Set-down @ IGGS, continue along Queen Victoria Parade which becomes Brisbane Road

3.36pm - Set-down @ Sizzlers (Newton)

3.41pm - Set-down @ Good Guys Booval

3.45pm - Set-down @ opposite Racehorse Hotel, continue on Brisbane Road, (L) Byrne Street, (R) Vale Street

3.50pm - Set-down @ Vale Street, continue along Vale Street, (L) Law Street

3.55pm - Set-down @ Law Street, continue along Law Street, (R) Byrne Street

4.00pm - Set-down Byrne Street @ TAFE car park, continue along Byrne Street, (R) Wall Street, (L) Bognuda Street, (R) Ashburn Road, (L) River Road and overpass, (R) Warrago Highway, continue into Ipswich Motorway, (L) Goodna Exit, (L) Church Street, (R) Woogaroo Street, (L) Layard Street, (R) Brisbane Terrace which becomes Wilruna Street

4.10pm - Set-down Wilruna Street @ just past Golf Club, continue on Wilruna Street, (L) Wacol Station Road, (L) Sumner Road

4.15pm - Set-down Sumner Road @ Seven Eleven

4.18pm - Set-down @ Middle Park State School, continue along Sumner Road, (R) Horizon Drive

4.30pm - Set-down Horizon Drive @ Peter Lightfoot Park, continue on Horizon Drive, (R) Dandenong Road, (L) Sumner Road, (R) then (L) Centenary Highway, continue along Centenary Highway, (L) Inala/Forest Lake Exit, Garden Road, which becomes Forest Lake Blvd

4.45pm - Set-down Forest Lake Blvd @ opposite Lake

4.50pm - Set-down @ Forest Lake Village Bus Stop

Conditions of travel on the WestMAC Bus Network

  • All students using the buses must hold a valid tickets.
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times while on the bus.
  • Seating is limited to the bus capacity; priority will be given to students travelling term passes.
  • Students will be collected and returned to their registered bus stop by Fassifern Coaches, unless authorised by the College.
  • Students travelling on the buses are representatives of WestMAC and are required to behave appropriately at all times.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of their bus route. They must ensure they are at the correct bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the timetabled departure time of the stop.
  • Buses will not pass a pickup point before the timetabled time; however they may be delayed due to traffic congestion. Students are to remain at the stop until the bus arrives.