The Next Level for Young Athletes

The West Moreton Anglican College Athlete Development Program was pioneered in 2020 with the aim of not only developing high-quality student-athletes, no matter what their athletic field, but using athletic conditioning as a tool to help the College develop athletes physically, socially and emotionally. All students in the Athlete Development Program are expected to strive every day to raise their expectations and uphold the program's core values, as part of a team culture that instils many of the characteristics essential to life outside, such as: teamwork, respect, responsibility and discipline.

Designed for your child

The Athlete Development Program is designed to provide students with unparalleled opportunities to develop to an "elite" level in their chosen sport. Through a challenging but rewarding program designed to develop well-rounded student-athletes.

The Athlete Development Program provides:

  • individual strength and conditioning training
  • specialised skill development
  • sport-focused education
  • the nurturing of core life values such as teamwork, respect, responsibility and discipline
  • the enhancement of a student’s athletic potential
  • support and supplementation of an athlete's professional coaching and training within their chosen sport
  • exposure to a multi – faceted approach to professional sport
  • targeted support to encourage students to reach their full potential as athletes, whilst promoting academic success

A key component of the program's Pillars of Excellence are the values contained in the College's The WestMAC Way:

  • EFFORT - Being prepared and engaged
  • RESPECT - Being kind to yourself, others and our environment
  • COURAGE - Being courageous
Program curriculum delivery

The Athlete Development Program is conducted as a Year 7 to 10 subject. The subject replaces core Health and Physical Education in Year 7; before becoming an elective in Years 8 to 10, in addition to core HPE. Students will have the opportunity to engage in four scheduled classes per fortnight (Year 7 and 8) or five per fortnight (Year 9 and 10). The program comprises of theoretical and practical elements.

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