WestMAC FOTA is a sub-committee of the Parents and Friends (P & F), dedicated to the support of the creative arts programs at the College. FOTA performs a vital role in the life of the College providing support through catering, fundraising and other activities for students involved in music, dance, drama and visual art at WestMAC. FOTA provides parents a means to become more involved in the lives of their children at the College and to contribute to the long-term growth and excellence in the arts at WestMAC.

2019 FOTA Executives


SECRETARY - Georgina Woods

TREASURER - Michelle Ball

MUSIC/ART LIAISON - Carrie Bischoff and Karen Gough


2019 FOTA Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held at 5.30pm in the Staff Common Room (lower level of the Central Administration Building). Specific dates are below:

  • Tuesday 5 March
  • Tuesday 2 April
  • Tuesday 7 May
  • Wednesday 5 June
  • Tuesday 6 August
  • Tuesday 3 September
  • Tuesday 15 October
  • Tuesday 5 November - Annual General Meeting

Everyone is very welcome to attend.