Offering an extensive range of Outdoor Education Programs for students, Prep to Year 12.

At West Moreton Angican College, as students move through their school years, the nature of outdoor educational experiences become more diverse and complex. Overall, the Outdoor Education program offers every student a range of opportunities that can assist with the development of the whole person.

In most year levels, students are involved in off-site outdoor education programs that are facilitated by external service providers in collaboration with College staff. Examples of activities included in the Outdoor Education program are rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing and archery. For the other year levels, the Outdoor Education program is carried out on our impressive, spacious, natural bushland setting under the planning and supervision of the College's specialist-trained staff.

Throughout the program students will experience living in a range of different settings such as national parks, outback adventures, beach and sea environments. The Outdoor Education program is included in the College Fees, no additional payments are required to participate these programs.

WestMAC places outdoor education as an important part of its students educational development because it:

  • engages students in adventurous and interesting activities that incorporate academic knowledge;
  • enhances decision-making skills;
  • promotes general problem-solving competencies;
  • stretches individuals to their limits thus increasing their ability to overcome challenges and improving their mental strength;
  • and it's fun!

If you have any queries, these should be directed to Mr Andrew Doyle, Head of Acitivities and Outdoor Education, on 3813 4609 or via