Parents expectations are met and exceeded at 92%.

Every year MMG Education, an independent organisation who are leaders in tailored school stakeholder research and performance benchmarking, conduct a thorough feedback survey with West Moreton Anglican College parents to evaluate customer satisfaction levels.

Parents top reasons for selecting WestMAC

  • Quality of teaching. Specialist teachers and coaches.
  • Focus on student wellbeing, safety and care. 20 Wellbeing Support staff, 2 Counsellors, Pastoral care, College Chaplain, Defence Transition Mentor, 2 Registered onsite Nurses.
  • Balanced Education. Well rounded all-inclusive educational experience, i.e., not only academic, creative pursuits, or sport, but rather all.
  • Quality and value of the educational experience in exchange for the dollar investment.
  • Facilities and Resources. Leafy 38-hectare campus boasting modern purpose-built facilities with interlinked Junior School, Middle School and Senior School precincts.
  • Range of subject choices.
  • Academic standards.
  • The Colleges value system. The WestMAC Way value system is guided by three ways of being: Being prepared and engaged. Being kind to yourself, others, and the environment. Being courageous. These are the pillars with which WestMAC aims to build respectful, responsible individuals.
  • Co-educational school. Keeping siblings and families united through a co-ed and Prep to Yr 12 College structure.
  • Class sizes. Tailored for an optimal learning environment.
  • The College's management and leadership. Leaders which are invested in the College and take it from strength to strength.

WestMAC's parents review in comparison to MMG Co-Educational Benchmark Database

MMG Education's database includes a total of 428 school projects including 35,366 respondents to provide fair and clear benchmark evaluations.

The chart below shows all parents' scores in some key areas compared to the MMG Co-ed Parent Benchmark Database average.



“One of the many things that has really impressed me about WestMAC, is how teachers know the names of every student, and they genuinely care about each of us.”

Jessica, Year 12

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