Enrichment opportunities for the gifted

Keeping gifted and talented students engaged in their learning is core to the Gifted and Talented program. By ensuring students remain connected and fulfilled through learning challenges, they have an unlocked opportunity to reap the benefits that a holistic educational experience has to offer such as friendships, mentors, and extra-curricular interests like eSports, music and much more.

As part of the Learning Enrichment department, the Gifted and Talented program offers support to students on a unique and individual level so that students can excel in their learning achievements.

Gifted and Talented students are identified through a combination of evaluations:

  • Specialist reports.
  • Teacher referrals.
  • Standardised testing.
  • Sage (a test that identifies academically talented individuals).

Families can be reassured that the learning specialist will engage, communicate, and collaborate with the student, parents, and teachers to support the student's needs.

Opportunities within the curriculum:

  • Extension and enrichment within the classroom with their classroom teacher in order to stimulate mental abilities. This is the benefit of the WestMAC Prep to Yr 12 College teacher skill-set and offering.
  • Cater for 2e (Twice Excellent) students.

Enrichment opportunities outside of the curriculum:


“WestMAC has been really supportive and helpful. I’ve been at WestMAC since Year 2 and every year teachers really care about wanting to support me, help me, and answer all my questions especially in my Specialist Math and Science classes.’’

Felix. M Year 12

“Winning the ICAS medal is really exciting, this is what I’m feeling now. Yay!’’

William. P Year 5

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