A Friendly and Vibrant Community

WestMAC’s Parents and Friends (P&F) association aims to build lasting friendships, raise funds, and promote a vibrant fellowship between parents, friends, staff, and students as a celebration of the College’s community spirit.

The social network provided by the P&F is of great value to ensuring a strong College culture, as well as to developing partnerships with the wider community.

WestMAC’s P&F Association is an active and valuable group of College supporters, who meet monthly during term time in the Central Administration Building Staff Common Room. There is no obligation to join the P&F, but anyone from the College community is welcome to participate in activities, attend social events or come to a meeting. Whether it is helping on a Sports Day or making a cake for the Bake Sale, your contribution can be as small or as large as you are able to commit.

All parents and guardians are welcome to participate in P&F activities.

The Association has the following objectives:

  • To promote the interests of West Moreton Anglican College.
  • To foster closer association and good fellowship between parents, Council, staff and students of the College.
  • To encourage community interest in the educational, community and pastoral aims of the College.
  • To facilitate the growth of the College as expressed in the College's mission statement.
  • To raise funds to assist with the activities of the Association.
  • To organise and conduct functions and arrange services approved by the Council of the College for the purpose of achieving these objectives
  • To provide resources and facilities for the College or to maintain or improve existing facilities and resources, subject to the approval of the College Council.
  • To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives.

An elected standing committee comprising a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day Stall Coordinator and representatives of the College's three sub-schools manages the activities of the Association. Activities include fun and glamourous social events, as well as vital fundraising occasions.

P&F Association Committee

  • President: Susan Boyle
  • Vice President: Rebecca Butler
  • Treasurer: Jane Weston
  • Secretary: Laura Loveday
  • Senior School Representative: Therese Clarke
  • Middle School Representative: Jane Weston
  • Junior School Representative: Judith Loxton and Laura Loveday
  • Mother & Father's Day Stall Coordinator: Susan Boyle

P&F volunteer and general enquiries form

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers (including parents and relatives, past parents and other members of the community) must be trained in, and acknowledge their understanding of, the College’s student protection and safety protocols before they can commence volunteering. Once completed, volunteers will be registered as an official volunteer at the College and added to the College’s Employee and Volunteer Register. All non-parent volunteers (for example grandparents or friends) must also hold a positive notice letter and Blue Card or Exemption Card.

More information on volunteer requirements here.