P and F Association

The West Moreton Anglican College Parents' and Friends' (P & F) Association provides an avenue for members of the College community to become involved in friend-raising and fundraising activities on a volunteer basis.

The P & F Association is an active and valuable group of College supporters who conduct larger scale activities that underpin the facilities and offerings of the College through such as book pack coordination and community events (Bush Dance and Trivia Night).

The group meets monthly during term time in the Central Administration Building Staff Common Room. At the Association meetings, attendees are encouraged to express ideas, discuss viewpoints and contribute to the setting of a vision for the Association for the year. Please see below a list of upcoming meeting dates.

Attending the P & F meetings and/or volunteering to assist in fundraising for the school greatly supports both the students and staff at the school, as well as being a great avenue to build friendships. Everyone is encouraged to attend and welcomed, even if it is only occasionally!

The Association has the following objectives:

  • To promote the interests of West Moreton Anglican College.
  • To foster closer association and good fellowship between parents, Council, staff and students of the College.
  • To encourage community interest in the educational, community and pastoral aims of the College.
  • To facilitate the growth of the College as expressed in the College's mission statement.
  • To raise funds to assist with the activities of the Association.
  • To organise and conduct functions and arrange services approved by the Council of the College for the purpose of achieving these objects
  • To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives.

Subject to the approval of the Council of the College, to provide resources and facilities for the College or to maintain or improve existing facilities and resources.

An elected standing committee comprising a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Bookpack Coordinator, a Book Club Coordinator, a Catering Coordinator, a Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day Stall Coordinator and representatives of the College's three sub-schools manages the activities of the Association.

Contact Us

2017 P and F Association Committee

PRESIDENT: Elise Bryant

My name is Elise Bryant and I have two children at the College; Olivia (Year 8) and Hugh (Year 6) and am also a College alumnus. I work full time as a Nurse Practitioner in Skin and Plastic Surgery and run my own business, Skin Health Solutions. My husband, Matt (the 6foot plus bearded guy in aqua scrubs often seen wandering around the campus) is also a nurse in Emergency at the Ipswich Hospital and we currently reside in Brassall. My hobbies include studying, academic research, golf and most importantly skiing. I love to chat so if you see me around please feel free to stop me and bend my ear, or let me bend yours, for a bit.


My name is Sean Beard and I have three children with the last one to finish this year. This will be 20 years at the College, about 15 of these years I have been involved with the P&F. I work as a Forklift Driver /Dispatch Clerk. My hobbies include water sports, camping, golf and spending time with my wife and children and granddaughter.


My name is Lisa Evans and I have been the P&F Treasurer since March 2016. I have two children at the College; Emily (Year 7) and Maddie (Year 1). I have been involved in not-for-profit organisations in both paid and volunteer roles for approximately 6 years, and am currently the CEO of Inala Youth Service. My husband, Brent and I relocated from Melbourne to Brisbane 10 years ago following his acceptance of a role at Amberley with Boeing. We live in Karana Downs where I love getting out the garden. I am a bookworm, foodie and lover of the great outdoors and love travelling. If you catch me around school I may be dashing off to work, but don’t hesitate to say hello.

SECRETARY: Sarah Kantor

My name is Sarah Kantor. My husband is in the military and we have lived in Ipswich since 2005. Our son Franklin is in Year One. Before becoming a mum, I was a Registered Nurse for 15 years. I have worked in a few different fields of nursing including Coronary Care, Intensive Care, Surgical and Emergency Department. We really love the WestMAC community and the best way to get connected with the school was to invest time into the P & F as well as being a parent volunteer. You will often find me at the cafe in the morning or in the Junior School playground in the afternoon. We have made some wonderful friends at WestMAC and we love this community so much.


My Name is Mandi Lynagh and I have 3 children at the College; Stefanee (Year 8), Josie (Year 7) and Aidan (Year 5). Before becoming a mum, I worked at Kodak for 15 years which I really enjoyed as I love photography - you will see me at most events taking photos! When I’m not running around at activities with the kids, I love to catch up with friends, go camping, go to concerts, movies or live theatre. I also enjoy water and snow skiing and to travel. I love to have coffee, so most mornings and some afternoons you can find me down at the café so if there is anything I can help you out with or give you any information about Junior School, come and find me for a chat!


My name is Debbie Render and I am the Middle School Liaison for the P&F. My 2 boys started at the College in Prep; Tom is now in Year 11 and Matt in Year 8. Originally a Vet Nurse, I managed a local Vet Practice for 15 years however since 2014 I have been working for a large corporate company providing customer service training for the veterinary industry nationwide. This has allowed me more family time and enabled me to help out the rest of the crazies on the P&F where I fit in quite well. My hobbies are ferrying my boys to numerous sporting commitments, horse riding and drinking (coffee or wine depending on the time of day).


My name is Carrie Bischoff and I am the P&F representative of the Senior School. Our family has been part of the College community since 2006 and our 4 boys are currently spread across Senior, Middle and Junior sub-schools. Serving our school community in any way we can, the P&F hope to make the new and the existing families feel welcome and get connected to all aspects of College life. Please feel free to get involved! Your kids will thank you for it!





2017 P and F Association Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room (lower level of the Central Administration Building). Specific dates are below:

22 February 2017
15 March 2017
19 April 2017
17 May 2017
14 June 2017
19 July 2017
16 August 2017 (Student free day)
13 September 2017
18 October 2017
8 November 2017

Everyone is very welcome to attend.