Careers Education at WestMAC is an important part of the holistic way the College approaches preparing our students for life after school.

The Careers framework works towards the goals reflected in the Australian Blueprint for Career Development (2003) and complements the academic, pastoral, spiritual and extra-curricular programs provided across the College from Junior to Senior School.

The developmental topics and learning experiences covered aim to develop within individual students an awareness of self and self-respect, respect for others, responsible decision making, and transition learning. Transition learning incorporates developing knowledge of, and the ability to, make decisions that lead to successful transitions from school to post-school opportunities.

Program Goals

WestMAC has adopted the goals reflected in The Australian Blueprint for Career Development (2003) that aim to equip students to be able to demonstrate:

Knowledge and understanding of themselves and others as individuals, including the actual and potential personal resources they bring to situations (i.e. strengths, limitations, abilities, skills, qualities, needs, attitudes and values);

Knowledge and understanding of the general structures of post-school life, the range of opportunities and alternative pathways, and the demands, rewards and satisfaction associated with each. Decision-making and planning skills in relation to anticipated careers, occupations and life roles.

Management of the implementation of the considered choices and the transitions from school to post-school situations in adult and work life (McGowan & McKenzie, 1997, p17).