Dandirri. Coming together.

West Moreton Anglican College is a national trailblazing educational leader in empowering students with the tools and language to develop deep knowledge, understanding and skills concerning the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. The College employs full-time Indigenous Perspectives Learning Innovator Phyllis Marsh, who spearheads the College’s strategic vision to ensure a thorough embedding of spiritual and cultural histories to raise students’ knowledge and enhance educational outcomes.

Every WestMAC student, through the Humanities program, curriculum and extra-curricular objectives, is exposed to the ancient wisdom and 65,000-year-old history of the Aboriginal peoples. WestMAC students have authentic opportunities to understand and reflect individual and community experiences, cultural beliefs and values, especially acknowledging and connecting with indigenous peoples’ ways of knowing, viewing and relating to the world.

Innovative Programs:
  • All-campus professional approach to empower students with the knowledge, understanding and skills covering the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
  • Proactive with curriculum embedding led by full-time Indigenous Perspectives Learning Innovator
  • Indigenous students are provided with self-development opportunities through the NGARI Leadership Program, which is concerned with supporting students in establishing connections to their cultural identity.
  • Mrs Marsh works extensively with the College’s Leaders of Learning to embed Aboriginal spiritual and cultural histories into the curriculum, especially the Humanities program.
  • In an innovative approach, every curriculum piece streams through the College’s three themes of caring, connection and wisdom to work within the ancient indigenous pedagogy of the 8 Ways of Learning.
  • Tailored Indigenous cultural projects with each Year level including through the SpiritedED program and sports opportunities.
  • Indigenous heritage campus bushwalk.
  • The Dandirri (Coming Together) Professional development program.

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Hear from the students:

“I feel very grateful because not everyone has the opportunity to come to such an amazing school and to have so many amazing opportunities to learn about the history of the indigenous people in Australia. We are lucky to have Mrs. Marsh at our school who can tell us about the amazing stories involving connection to country.’’

Stephanie, Year 10 non-indigenous student

“I love the opportunity to learn about the culture of my people and to learn what my people went through.’’

Lucas, Year 11 indigenous student

“Learning about the indigenous culture at school has prompted me to want to know more about my culture and to understand more about the heritage of my background.’’

Riley, Year 11 indigenous student