Master Plan

The vision and dreams that we have today, for West Moreton Anglican College in 2040, is precisely what the founders of the College had for us in 1993. They dreamed, planned, managed, and executed a plan. It was a big plan, achieved by a never-ending list of tasks, one after the other, year in, year out.

The Masterplan builds upon the existing identity of the WestMAC campus, by strengthening the cultural heart of the college, and surrounding it with social, teaching and learning spaces. WestMAC has a unique offering to its learning community. Our vision for the future represents a vibrant, spirited and optimistic community realising our potential.

The strategies explored and proposed in this Master plan, provide a road map for the college to build on their existing campus, creating an experience, that is sustainable now and into the future.


More Revealed Soon

Over the coming months more detailed information will be shared with the community. Monitor this webpage for the latest updates.