All uniform requirements and booking information for fittings.

West Moreton Anglican College operates a Uniform Shop, on the ground floor of the Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) facility that stocks all uniform requirements for students, including uniforms for sporting activities. Mrs Glenda Boike (Convenor) and Mrs Martha Harbort manage the Uniform Shop. The College gratefully acknowledges the many wonderful volunteers who provide invaluable assistance at the Uniform Shop throughout the year.


West Moreton Anglican College Uniform Shop is located under the Outside School Hours Care facility near the College swimming pool. Access is via the Chapel gates and there is a small car park adjacent to the building allowing for easy access.

Contact Details

Phone: (07) 3813 4533

Fax: (07) 3813 4566


Trading Hours

Please note, the Uniform Shop Term 2 holiday trading hours are as follows: 

  • Term 2 trading concludes: Friday 14 June 2024 at 3:30pm.  
  • Holiday Trading: Friday 5 July from 7:30am to 3:30pm. 
  • Term 3 commences: Monday 8 July 2024 at 7:30am. 

Please note that in Term 3 the Uniform Shop will close at 11am on Wednesdays.

Normal Trading Hours - School Days Only

Day Terms 1 and 4 Terms 2 and 3
7.30am to 3.30pm
7.30am to 3.30pm
7.30am to 3.30pm
7.30am to 11am
7.30am to 3.30pm
7.30am to 3.30pm

Uniform Shop

  • Due to the size of the shop, only two families are allowed to use the fitting rooms at a time. Appointments can be made if you would like to use a fitting room, but making an appointment is not necessary.
  • Window service will be available on any day that the Uniform Shop is advertised as being open.


  • Appointment bookings can be made up to 12 hours prior to the booking time.
  • Only one appointment booking is required for a family with:

- Two new students
- One new student and up to 2 current students
- Up to 3 current students

    • Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled by clicking the link on your confirmation email.
    • Appointments for 2024 now available.

    Please click the button below to book an appointment

    If you are having trouble booking an appointment or would like further information, please contact the Uniform Shop:

    Uniform Requirements and Price Lists

    The following list is an overview of the uniform requirements across all year levels at West Moreton Anglican College. There are no uniform changes for 2024.

    2024 Uniform Price List

    The College does not have a separate winter and summer uniform. Students can wear the same formal uniform throughout the year with the following additional requirements:

    All Middle and Senior School students (i.e. Years 7 to 12) must wear their College blazer to and from the College in Terms 2 and 3 and at public engagements. Middle and Senior School boys must wear the appropriate College tie in Terms 2 and 3. Year 12 have a senior tie.

    Please refer to the following table for the items that students can wear with their formal uniform anytime during the year if they are cold.


    Details information for individual year levels can be found by clicking on the links below.

    Junior School – Prep
    Junior School – Year 1 
    Junior School – Years 2 to 6 
    Middle and Senior School – Year 7 to 12 

    Bookpack Items

    The Uniform Shop does not distribute Bookpacks. To arrange Bookpacks for 2024 please visit the college Books and Stationery Packs page. The following items from the bookpack list are available from the Uniform Shop:


    Purchasing & Flexischools

    Uniforms can also be purchased by visiting the Uniform Shop or by making a phone, mail, email, or fax order. Orders can be made on the specific year level order forms (as listing in the Price List for each year) or on the following order form: Uniform Shop Order Form (PDF 137kb)

    Paid orders can be:

    • collected from the Uniform Shop
    • collected from Junior, Middle or Senior School Administrations
    • delivered to students in Prep to Year 6

    The following payment methods are accepted at the Uniform Shop:

    • Cash
    • Cheque – made payable to West Moreton Anglican College
    • MasterCard and Visa credit cards
    • EFTPOS


    Uniforms can be ordered online through the Flexischools ordering system. The College Tuckshop also uses Flexischools.

    You can set up a Flexischools account online by:

    1. Register for Flexischools by visiting Add your student, their school and form class to get started.
    2. Top-up your account via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or direct deposit.
    3. Make an order by selecting from the range of uniforms available and proceed to make payment for the order listed in your order pad.
    4. Review Orders by logging back in to your Flexischools account. You can view transaction history or cancel orders via your Flexischools login.

    On the days when the Uniform Shop is open and there are no students at school, items can be ordered on Flexischool in the special days section with pickup from the Uniform Shop only.


    During the year uniforms can be placed on Lay-by at the Uniform Shop. Please refer to the Lay-By Policy for further details: Uniform Shop Lay By Policy

    Exchange/Refund Policy

    The items must be returned within a reasonable period. The College reserves the right to assess the condition and age of returned goods prior to providing an exchange, refund or repair. This may result in the exchange, refund, or repair being refused.

    If an item has not been used and is in the same condition as when it was purchased, it can be exchanged. A refund for an item will be given provided that the price paid for the item can be verified (receipt may be necessary). Second hand items will be refunded or exchanged proving the second hand tag is still attached and the item has not been used.

    Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure. If the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure the College will decide to either repair or replace the goods.

    Second Hand Uniforms

    The Uniform Shop accepts second hand uniforms that are clean and in good condition for resale. During the term, the items received are processed and the proceeds will appear as a credit on your College Statement of Account for the following term.

    If you would like to sell your uniforms please read the following 'Conditions for Acceptance of Second Hand Items for Resale' document and include a completed 'Second Hand Items Request Form' with the uniforms when you leave them at the Uniform Shop:

    Conditions for Acceptance of Second Hand Items for Resale

    Second Hand Items Request Form

    The College does not endorse the clearly visible naming on the outside of items for safety reasons. All items left for re-sale should have any names removed or made illegible.

    Items that are not the current style, adjusted to an unacceptable length, or in need of repair, will not be accepted for second hand.

    The following items are not accepted for second hand sale:

    • Jumpers and vests without the College emblem
    • Blouses and shirts with dark emblems
    • Skirts that have been shortened
    • Old style HPE shorts and polo’s
    • Old material Prep polo’s and Junior School track jackets
    • Sizes 10 to 16 and 82-102 boys’ taupe shorts that are not adjustable
    • Surf hats

    No second hand items will be processed between Friday 20 November 2020 and Monday 8 February 2021 due to the back-to-school busy period. It is preferred that second hand items are not left at the Uniform Shop during this period unless necessary due to storage space.

    Lost Property

    It is strongly recommended that all items brought to the College by students (especially bags, blazers, jumpers, and hats) be clearly and permanently marked with their first name and surname so that lost items can be identified. For safety reasons the College does not endorse the clearly visible naming on the outside of items. Hats should be named on the inside crown section and not on the top or bottom of the brim.

    Bag tags, ribbon, etc. on bags make them easily recognisable so that it is less likely for students to pick up the wrong bag or to put their items in another student’s bag by mistake.

    If a student loses an item during the Term, they should contact the various College Receptions to see if they have the lost item. At the end of a Term all the lost property is brought to the Uniform Shop.

    Non-WestMAC items are placed outside the Uniform Shop every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the first three weeks of a Term. Non-WestMAC items that are not collected are then either donated to charity or destroyed.


    All girls in Year 1 to 12 must wear the College metal badge on their tie.


    WestMAC school bags are compulsory. Any other bags should be carried inside a WestMAC bag. It is strongly recommended that students use a backpack. All WestMAC school bags have either a one, three year or lifetime warranty. The warranty only covers faulty workmanship and materials. The warranty specifically excludes damage from misuse, improper handing, or accident. It does not cover sport bags that have been used for non-sporting items.

    Hair Policy

    The College Hair Policy can be found in the Student Diary. Hair must always be away from face and eyes. Headbands and hair clips should either be navy or hair colour. Hair ties or elastic bands (used to tie ponytails) should either be hair colour, rust or navy blue. The wearing of makeup (including mascara and tinted lashes) is not permitted.


    Hats are part of the school uniform. During the day, students at the College must wear a hat whenever they are not in a classroom or under a shade structure.

    • Prep to Year 6 students must wear the Aussie Mate hat with both their formal and sport uniforms
    • Year 6, 9 and 12 student leaders are required to wear the wool felt hat on occasions as directed
    • Year 7 to 12 students can either wear the Aussie Mate hat with a hatband or the Wool felt hat with their formal uniform
    • Year 7 to 12 students can wear a surf hat for sport
    • The WestMAC cap can only be worn by a student when they have permission. It can be worn for Cross Country, Cricket and Tennis


    As per the Student Diary "Black leather lace-up dress shoes are part of the full formal uniform and are to be worn by all students. Prep students only may wear shoes with velcro or buckles.”

    Runners, deck shoes, boots, soft soled shoes, buckle, or strap shoes are not permitted except in special cases where medical reasons prevail. Black leather lace-up shoes that do not have a heel are not allowed. Shoes are to be kept neatly polished and in good condition.

    A non-marking, non-fluro colour, lace-up runner/jogger style shoe that is designed for physical activity is required for sport. Dunlop volleys are not appropriate as they do not provide enough support over the long term. Specific footwear may be required for certain sports and subjects (e.g. soccer and football boots, safety boots).

    Skirt Length

    Girls' skirts should be to the knee or below, and of an acceptable length.

    Skirts should not be taken up, or rolled up, so that the bottom of the skirt is above the knee. The Uniform Shop will not accept any skirts for resale that have been significantly shortened.


    White Socks

    All girls must wear fold down white ankle socks with their formal uniform. Boys in Prep to Year 1 who are wearing rust ruggers must also wear fold down white ankle socks.

    Sports Socks

    All students must wear the WMAC white PE socks for HPE lessons and sporting activities (unless the WMAC football socks are required instead) when wearing the navy HPE shorts or WestMAC bike shorts.

    Cattle Show Team Uniforms

    Cattle Show Team polo’s are kept in stock but the Cattle Show Team jackets need to be ordered. Orders for the jackets are usually sent away at the end of the month. An order form for the showing shirts will be sent out in Term 1.

    Dance and Drama

    Dance and Drama students are required to wear the HPE polo – not a ‘year’ polo or plain House polo. Please refer to the College bookpack lists for other requirements. The Dance Department will let Dance Company and Dance Troupe students know when they can order a Dance polo.

    Equestrian Saddle Cloths

    Students competing in Equestrian events for the College must use a College Saddle Cloth. Please contact the Uniform Shop if you need a saddle cloth.

    HPE Uniform

    The TAS Carnival polo’s, Dance polo’s, Football Excellence shirts and WestMAC bike pants cannot be worn for PE lessons or REC lessons.

    The HPE uniform is:







    HPE House Polos:

    • Can be worn for HPE lessons by students in Years 1 to 12
    • Prep students will wear their Prep polo for HPE lessons

    HPE Shorts:

    • Can be worn for HPE lessons by students in Years 2 to 12
    • Prep and Year 1 students will wear navy bike pants or rust ruggers

    Middle School Book Satchels

    As students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are not allowed to carry their school bags during the day they must have either a small or large Book Satchel.

    Swimming Uniform

    All Prep to Year 12 students must wear the appropriate WestMAC swimming uniform for HPE and REC lessons. Students will not be permitted to swim if they are not in the correct swimming uniform.

    The swimming uniform for Prep to Year 12 for HPE (including REC) lessons consists of:

    • WestMAC one-piece butterfly togs for girls
    • WestMAC Speedos or Jammers for boys
    • WestMAC sun-shirt
    • House coloured swimming cap or “WestMAC” yellow swimming cap (only if a TAS Swimming team member) are compulsory
    • WestMAC swim shorts (optional)

    Butterfly togs, jammers and swim shorts can be either the old or new WestMAC designs as shown below:


    Non-WestMAC boy’s Speedos and non-WestMAC girl’s one-piece togs may be worn providing that they cannot be seen under a WestMAC sun-shirt (WestMAC swim shorts may also be required to hide the non-WestMAC togs).

    Bobby pins and the navy HPE shorts are not allowed to be worn in the pool.

    Students are strongly advised to wear sunscreen.

    The Swimming Uniform Policy does not apply to private swimming lessons conducted at the College Pool.