Together we can give your child the educational experience they deserve.

Welcome. The nature and extent of WestMAC's growth in 30 years is extraordinary. It's hard to imagine that when we began the College in 1993 (for a 1994 school year start), we had just 225 students enrolled. WestMAC has experienced transformational development. Today, we educate more than 1,400 students across three sub-schools.

Our students demonstrate increasing confidence and pride in their achievements and potential. Staff feedback expresses professional and personal fulfilment and excitement about working at the College, with one another, and with our students. Our graduates are thriving in post-school life and maintaining strong connections with WestMAC as alumni. The built environment continues to improve and in coming years, will be regarded as world class for our capacity to cater to a wide range of learning experiences.

Our distinctiveness is best captured by the following descriptors:

  • An open and friendly environment that is conducive to learning
  • A diverse range of programs and opportunities available to our students, and
  • A strong sense of ‘College family’ and community.

The College motto Faith, Knowledge, Service illustrates the values that knit our community together. These attributes connect to the mission of the Anglican Church and the overarching Christian values that guide WestMAC’s operations and direction. Of course, statements of intent and mission are only as good as the actions and behaviours that support them. On that count, I am committed to ensuring that our actions, programs and operations match our statements of intent and the needs of our students.

WestMAC plays a critical role in preparing our young people to seize opportunities and grapple with challenges that are historically unique to this generation of students. WestMAC's future direction is guided by its Strategic Plan and Master Plan. Both documents capture exciting future developments and opportunities that reflect the high expectations of our community as we prepare our graduates for the demands of a rapidly-changing, technology-driven, global society.

I look forward to having the chance to meet and discuss the many wonderful opportunities that WestMAC offers prospective students, and their families.

Geoff McLay

“What sets us apart is the strength of the WestMAC Spirit. This is a significant element of College life and something we all cherish. It's palpable… you can feel it...”
— Mr Geoff McLay, Principal