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When you are a parent looking to enrol your child in a private primary school or private high school, choosing the right institution for your child’s development can be a challenging process. At West Moreton Anglican College, we believe that there is no better way to make this decision than to visit schools in person. Here are just some reasons why school tours are so valuable for parents.

Meet the Teachers

Whether you are looking at a co ed school or prep to year 12 school, a school tour gives you the opportunity to meet the people who will teach your children. Interacting with teachers at every level of a school’s hierarchy will help you understand how cohesive they are as a unit. Whether your child is on the cusp of private primary school, or about to enter the private high school world, passionate teachers always stand out.

Visit the Classrooms

Tours conducted during school hours let you go beyond the brochures and experience what life is like at the institution. School tours allow you to peek into classrooms, observe how students and teachers interact, and see the school’s philosophy in action. You can observe how different grade levels are engaged in learning, the various teaching techniques employed, and how students respond to instruction.

Visit School Facilities in Person

For parents, getting a feel for the school is important as well. A tour is a chance to ask about security, the quality of school facilities. and how well the pick-up and drop off points for children are organised.

Ask Questions

While many schools claim to diversify a child’s learning with extra curricular activities, special courses, and other forms of learning, a tour allows you to see these opportunities first hand. It is an opportunity to ask questions as they occur to you, to seek more information as required, and determine whether the school is truly focused on developing your child’s abilities in every way.

Gain Perspectives from Other Parents

A school tour is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents who are in the same boat! Make new connections, gain valuable perspectives, and improve your decision making by sharing and learning with other parents.

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