Tuesday, 01 Nov 2022

Choosing a school for a child can be an overwhelming process. Every brochure looks as attractive as the next, school tours are always exciting and before long, it becomes next to impossible to make a choice. At this stage, asking the right questions is the only way to scratch the surface and see what’s really going on underneath. Here at West Moreton Anglican College, we encourage parents to ask any and all questions they may have, before the big decision. Here are just some of the questions that parents ask us.

Are the Teachers Happy?

Students are only as good as the teachers who guide them. Try to find information about the teaching staff turnover at the school to get an idea of what working conditions are like. Passionate and capable teachers are difficult to find, so establishing whether the school prioritises the wellbeing of teachers is key to the development of a child.

Are the Students Happy?

Other parents are unlikely to criticise the school that their children attend. While it is possible to learn a lot by speaking to parents, the most useful perspective is that of the students themselves. We recommend speaking to other parents as well as their children to understand their private school experience.

Are School Enrolments Steady?

Private school tours are designed to give a parent the rosiest picture of an institution. What is really important, however, is understanding the enrolment rate at a school over the years. Private school fees are typically high, and dwindling enrolment rates could result in higher fees in the future. Ideally, private school enrolments should increase or remain steady, demonstrating that there is more demand for a school’s teaching philosophy.

Is There Open Communication Between School and Parents?

Private school tours are fun, engaging and immensely positive. But how transparent and effective is communication between the school and parents once a child has been enrolled? Parents should ask for information about parent-teacher meetings and regular updates on student performance.

How Does the School Implement its Philosophy?

Crafting a beautifully worded mission statement and teaching philosophy is one thing, but the true test for any good school is turning words into reality. Parents should never hesitate to ask schools to show them exactly how the vision is being implemented in real terms. Private school fees are often steep because schools claim to provide students with the very best opportunities, it is a parent’s right to know exactly what these are.

What is the Student/Teacher Ratio?

Private school enrolments are often carefully controlled in order to maintain a healthy student/teacher ratio in the classrooms. Small classrooms are ideal for effective teaching and learning. This ratio can help a parent determine whether a school is serious about learning, or simply trying to fill up their classrooms.

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