Wednesday, 26 Apr 2017

Danielle Ettles, College Captain, gave a heart warming and moving speech at yesterday's ANZAC Day service.

Thank you to the QT for sharing her message to those unable to attend this service. You can read the full story below, or visit the QT Website.

Ipswich student's message for our veterans

HUNDREDS of people gathered at Ipswich Workshops Museum for the Anzac Day service where the significance of the occasion to today's youth was reinforced.

While the crowd paused to pay their respects at the museum's iconic War Memorial at 7.15am, WestMAC student Danielle Ettles gave a moving speech.

"Today our nation stops and unites as one body to pay tribute to the admirable men and women who have served and are currently serving our great nation," she said.

"We also take a moment or several throughout today to remember those that are not here through the sacrifices they made for our country, fighting for and defending the freedom of our nation.

"That freedom allows myself, a young female, to stand before you and talk about the relevance of Anzac Day to young people."

The school captain assured veterans and their families that the true meaning of Anzac Day was not lost on Australia's youth.

"Anzac Day isn't a day of celebration but a day of reflection," she said.

"It's a day we learn again of the horrors of war, it's a day for looking after your mates, cherishing your home and family.

"I want to leave you with no doubt that the Anzac tradition has been readily embraced by the younger generation.

"For young people, I believe they see today being about the freedom and opportunities you veterans have given us and that why many of us are proud to march and wear medals of descendants who have served.

"Lest we forget."

Story Credit - Anna Hartley, QT