Tuesday, 15 Nov 2022

Extracurricular activities are educational opportunities that lie outside the typical school curriculum. They cover a broad range of opportunities such as sports, academics, music, arts, and community-oriented initiatives.

West Moreton Anglican College is a private high school that is passionate about developing students in every way. As a Catholic school, community engagement and strong spiritual values are at the very core of our teaching philosophy. Our extracurricular activities are designed with a view to shape students into responsible citizens with a strong social conscience. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of extracurricular activities on student development.

Improved Academic Performance

While some parents believe that extracurriculars are a distraction from school work, extensive research indicates that extracurricular activities outside the standard curriculum improve academic performance. Participating in a wide range of activities improves brain function and teaches students how to think in novel ways to achieve varied goals. Sports and creative pursuits create a sense of achievement, boost confidence, and improve a student’s ability to focus.

Provide Exposure and Broaden Perspectives

School is not just about achieving high test marks. A forward-thinking private school prepares students for the real world, where they will be expected to learn on the go, tackle problems which they may not have seen before, and find solutions when others cannot. Extracurricular activities encourage students to develop new perspectives, broaden their thinking and create a nuanced perspective in situations where others cannot.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Whether it’s a Christian school or secular private high school, every institution aims to instil confidence in their students. At West Moreton Anglican College, we understand that every child has different skills, interests, and areas of competence. Extracurricular activities allow educators to identify a child’s inherent skills and help instil the confidence required to pursue those skills.

Learn Life Skills

Extracurricular activities are essential for overall development. A well selected set of activities teach goal setting, teamwork, time management, problem solving techniques and leadership to students. These skills are essential for life at university and beyond.

Anglican School with Strong Community Values

West Moreton Anglican College is a Catholic school with strong ties within the local community and a focus on responsible, ethical living. Contact us today for more information on our teaching philosophy or use the below link to enrol your child with us now.

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