Friday, 25 Jan 2019

Education and Schools have changed a lot, Principal, Mr Geoff McLay, shares his experiences with the Lachlan McIvor from the QT. Thank you to the QT for sharing this story. You can read the full story below, or visit the QT Website (subscriber content).

How our schools are changing

WEST Moreton Anglican College principal Geoff McLay has watched plenty of cohorts grow from nervous arrivals to graduates ready to take on the world.

While much had changed, he said the hopes, dreams and fears that students possessed during his 35 years in education had remained similar.

This year will mark his ninth one as the head of the Karrabin school and his 17th as a principal.

"This job is one of the most important jobs we can do,” Mr McLay said.

"We are contributing to our communities and to society more broadly. That's what I like about it.”

He is responsible for about 1440 students this year, which was made up of about 1000 families.

"Thirty-odd years ago, schools didn't really interact; they delivered a product and everyone was required to fit into the mould,” he said.

"Schools now try and be more responsive to their communities. I think parents (are expecting more). I think that's a symptom of the fact that schools are engaging more with their stakeholders.

"Because you engage more, you get more feedback. Because you get more feedback, you get the sense that the expectations are going up.

"My role is essentially providing direction and ensuring that any problems are solved effectively.”

He believed the core things needed to remain for a school to be successful.

"Learning needs to be at the front of mind, people's physical and emotional safety needs to be front of mind and the whole notion of being respectful in a two-way sense is really important,” he said.

Story: Lachlan McIvor, QT

Photo: Rob Williams, QT