Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

The new WestMAC Senior School Precinct is now open to students. Thank you to the QT for sharing this story. You can read the full story below, or visit the QT Website (subscriber content).

New precinct to 'revolutionise' learning at Ipswich school

WEST Moreton Anglican College students will walk through the doors of a brand new precinct for the first time next week that the school believes will "revolutionise learning."

Construction of the $3.6 million senior school building and business centre was finished at the end of last year and the 2019 cohort.

It marks the completion of the latest phase of the college's master-plan, which involved the construction of nine projects over the last six years.

A 'flexible learning space' akin to a university facility sits on the bottom floor, where students have the room and facilities to collaborate with their peers during breaks, or lesson time with the permission of their teacher.

"It's very much purely built for the purposes of the students," head of senior school Paul Alcorn said.

"This is not a bookable space for teachers to bring classes, this is a space that is going to be driven by the students."

Two larger than normal classrooms have been designed to include 'break-out zones' for students to move aside to work individually or in groups.

A reception area sits on the top floor, as does three other classrooms and three areas that students can book for individual study.

The thinking going forward is that students will be able to opt out of a class they are on top of to spend time working on a subject they are struggling with in these spaces.

The business centre does not have a typical high school classroom lay-out, aimed at fostering entrepreneurial and creative thinking.

Business students had an input into what furniture was needed to meet their needs.

"We're just really trying to give some ownership back to the students for their learning," Mr Alcorn said.

Story: Lachlan McIvor, QT

Photo: Rob Williams, QT