Wednesday, 09 Mar 2022

West Moreton Anglican College student William Peters wins a Queensland ICAS Spelling Medal

WestMAC Junior School student William Peters (Year 4) has demonstrated his academic excellence as Queensland’s newest ICAS Spelling Champion.

The prestigious competition is administered across six subject areas in thousands of schools around the globe and is one of the world’s largest academic competitions for school students.

William, who is a prolific reader of books including the dictionary, was thrilled with his Queensland award because he has a passion for spelling.

“Winning the ICAS medal is really exciting,” he said. “This is what I’m feeling now, Yay!’’.

William,8, shared his top tip for students competing in the ICAS competition next year.

“My advice for anyone else who is doing ICAS next year would be to just take your time and check your answers,’’ William said.

Principal Geoff McLay presented young William with the medal.

“We are proud and thrilled of William’s State ICAS achievement knowing that WestMAC offers a confidence-building and strength-based learning approach to develop the intellect and capabilities of each student’s skills and talents,’’ Mr McLay said.

Head of Junior School Kirsten Mullan said participating in ICAS assessments aligned with WestMAC’s Junior School philosophy.

“As part of WestMAC’s nurturing and innovative schooling experience, we recognise each student’s individual learning needs, led by our team of experienced and dedicated teachers,” Ms Mullan said.

William’s mother Anne praised WestMAC’s nurturing and tailored approach to teaching her gifted son.

“The past year has been a great year for William, the teachers have taken time to connect with him and understand him as a person and a learner,” she said.

“The WestMAC teaching team have consistently put into practice what we’ve talked about in meetings. William has thrived this year and we are so grateful.”

ICAS is a school-based competition that students from Australia and international schools sit annually across six subject areas – English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling Bee, Writing and Digital Technologies.

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