Thursday, 12 Jan 2023
Class of 2022 shine with diverse passions led by College Dux who achieves his goal of entry into medicine to pursue his dream of being a surgeon

A student driven to study medicine in pursuit of his life’s calling to become a surgeon, and a student who wants to shine in astrophysics, are among West Moreton Anglican College’s top academic performers from the Class of 2022.

Dux Jarrod Marshall, 17, achieved interviews with six universities for entry into medicine, and Dux-runner-up (Proxime Accessit) Emily Davis, 17, are thrilled with their ATAR scores after exceptional internal assessment results this year.

Jarrod soared as WestMAC’s top student with an ATAR score of 99.55, which helped him fulfil his goal of achieving offers to his top university choices - the University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales.

His ATAR success was followed by the achievements of Emily at 98.75, College Captain Lachlan Gough at 98.55, and Ryan Roberts at 96.95.

West Moreton Anglican College’s Principal Geoff McLay praised the WestMAC class of 2022 who studied a diverse range of 39 subjects from specialised maths and psychology to music extension and Vocational Education Training (VET) subjects.

“Our class of 2022 were dedicated, thoughtful, inspiring, and resilient as they met every challenge armoured with a genuine love of learning, instilled by our team of skilled, supportive, and specialist teachers. We are proud of the 141 of 142 graduating Year 12 students who have achieved an ATAR result, or a Certificate III qualification, or better,’’ Mr McLay said.

“At WestMAC, the programs are designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge to ensure they are fully prepared for post-school careers, including tertiary education and vocational pathways. To set students up for success, an all-inclusive educational experience is offered. They are supported with a full-time onsite Careers Advisor, and pastoral care programs. Students’ psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing is nurtured to set them up for the career of their dreams, whether it’s studying medicine or being a social justice crusader.

“We are excited to see what our wonderful class of 2022, now Alumni, will achieve in the future and are pleased with this year’s QTAC university offers, ’’ Mr McLay said.

Jarrod (Dux), said he came to WestMAC because the College offered over 200 subject choices, and combined with the skilled teaching support it was the top College that could help him to achieve placement in the highly competitive medicine degree.

“I’ve wanted to be a doctor forever; I have an interest in how the human body works and I want to make a difference to help others. I’m exceptionally happy to have achieved interviews with six universities. The future looks promising especially after receiving offers from my top university preferences.’’ Jarrod said.

“The achievements from WestMAC’s Senior School and Year 12 students are a clear stand out. We’ve done so well because there is a genuine community of support from teachers, parents, and fellow classmates.”

Further to achieving dux, Jarrod is West Moreton Anglican College’s top student in three of the five sciences the College offers – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Emily claimed lead student for Literature, as well as excelling in Physics and Chemistry.

Jarrod achieved interviews with the medicine faculty at the University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland, University of NSW, University of Adelaide, University of New England/ University of Newcastle, and the Monash University.

“All of WestMAC’s teachers are supportive with my detailed study schedule. The Anglican private school has a high number of students doing specialist maths, and we have a strong maths and science department, which is another reason why I chose WestMAC,’’ Jarrod said.

Emily hopes to study Science/Engineering at University Queensland to pursue her dream of studying astrophysics and has applied for several scholarships.

“I’ve been inspired by Stephen Hawking since I was in Year 3, and I love watching documentaries about space and all the Star Wars movies. Even though girls are a minority in science I wanted to show girls are passionate and can also excel in science.’’

As the College nears its 30th year of education, Principal Geoff McLay praised the loyalty and commitment of Senior School teachers who not only instil a love of learning but go above and beyond to ensure students were fully prepared for external assessments and delivered optimal results.

“West Moreton Anglican College Senior School leverages innovative teaching strategies designed to assist students to perform their personal best. All students are mentored with knowledge and skills to ensure they are ready to tackle their assessment and exam goals, and they are equipped with the skills needed to achieve individual excellence in their chosen subject area.“

WestMAC Head of Senior School Mr Paul Alcorn praised the class of 2022 who made the most of the College’s resources and career pathways to courageously prepare for exams and take the next steps into their future.

“West Moreton Anglican College Senior School students embrace the advantage of tailored timetables and subjects in pursuit of their goals and dreams. The 2022 academic results are the reward of a great educational experience and hard work.’’

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