Monday, 18 Dec 2017

Congratulations to the WestMAC Class of 2017. Tameka Mos and Alasta Firkins shared their story with the QT after receiving their results.

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Students get ready for future careers in wake of OP results

IT’S the day that will leave many a school leaver on edge.

West Moreton Anglican College’s Tameka Moss admits her nerves were at an all-time high as she awaited her results for the year.

The high-achieving 2017 graduate was anticipating big things for her end of year Overall Position result.

Her dream career in medicine hinged on achieving a top score.

“I actually looked at my results Friday night at 12.10am because I was pretty excited and nervous to find out what I got,” Tameka said.

“I ended up getting an OP2, so it was exactly what I was wanting actually and will get me into medicine at James Cook University in Townsville.

“I think everyone was pretty anxious to get their results back as there’s a lot of lead up to it with Grade 11 and 12, but in saying that a lot of people weren’t as stressed as I thought they would be either.”

One such student was Alasta Firskins, a fellow West Moreton Anglican College high achiever and Dux of the college.

‘I was hoping for an OP1 and was feeling a bit excited, but I only looked up the results on Saturday morning,” Alasta said.

“I was pretty sure I was going to get an OP1 because we had done academic tracking at school.

“I am going to study medical science at Griffith University and then go on to do a Doctorate of Science before joining the navy as a medical officer.”

This year West Moreton Anglican College was expecting some of its best OP results in its 24-year history.

More than a quarter of the students eligible for an OP score were expected to achieve an OP5 or better and more than 60 per cent were expected to achieve OP10 or better.

The final results surpassed all expectations with the college exceeding state averages across every OP ranking.

Story Credit - Myjanne Jensen, QT

Photo Credit - Rob Williams, QT