Monday, 23 Oct 2017

Each year our innovative teachers inspire over 1300 students to continuously discover and explore their potential. They challenge our students to actively engage in their learning, to become critical, creative and entrepreneurial thinkers, while developing their emotional, social and spiritual aptitude.

On World Teachers’ Day, we acknowledge the dedication and professional contribution that our teachers (current and past) make to our students, their families, WestMAC and our wider community.

We greatly appreciate their willingness to share their talents each and every day.

Thank you:

Mr Paul Alcorn Mrs Jennifer Gibb Mr Geoff McLay
Mr Doug Amiss Mr Jon Gillinder Mr Ray Moxon
Mrs Anita Baker Mrs Kate Govier Ms Kirsten Mullan
Mr Dan Barke Mr Andrew Grant Mrs Corrine Murphy
Mr Nick Barling Mrs Amy Green Ms Leanne Murphy
Miss Kay Bence Ms Caterina Hambling Mr Ben O’Connell
Mr Michael Bickerton Mr Jarrod Harvey Ms Poppy Okubo
Mrs Beverley Birt Mr Ken Harvie Miss Meegan Parkes
Mrs Justine Bomm Mrs Kym Hayes Miss Christel Payne
Ms Heather Booy Mr Ian Hayne Mr Hamish Pike
Mr Doug Braiden Mrs Kami Hazlewood Miss Nikeisha Plumridge
Miss Sam Burnett Mr Rohan Healy Ms Dell Rathbone
Mrs Pam Burt Ms Lisa Hickey Mrs Tracy Robertson
Mr Warren Butler Mr Rob Hillier Mrs Sharon Rutledge
Mr Matt Caldwell Mr Tony Jensen Mr Aaron Schubel
Mrs Robyn Colton Mrs Wendy Jorgensen Mr Richard Shannon
Mrs Rosemary Czislowski Miss Erin Judd Ms Lyn Shaw
Mr Justin Deane Ms Meredith Kellen Miss Kandy Shih
Mr Heath Del Favero Mrs Deanne Kertesz Miss Annabel Simmonds
Mr Matt Deshon Mrs Louisa Lawless Miss Krystel Spark
Mrs Donna Doolan Mrs Janelle Lecinski Mr Tim Spina
Mr Glen Downing Mrs Jill Leese Mrs Fiona Stephen
Mr Andrew Doyle Mr Andrew Leung Ms Sue Stewart
Mr Chris Drew Ms Amanda Li Mrs Lateticia Strohben
Ms Janice Duynisveld Miss Sharon Littlewood Mrs Louise Sullivan
Mrs Geraldine Ebbrell Mrs Sharon Loeffel Mr David Teakle
Mr Darren Elliott Mrs Sonya Ludkin Mr Ian Thompson
Ms Alison Ellis Miss Shannon Lynes Mr Dayne Tracey
Mr Matt Ellis Mrs Michelle Mack Mr Phil Trezise
Miss Tess Elmer Mrs Fiona Mackintosh Mrs Helen Turner
Mrs Colleen Evans Ms Leonie MacLennan Mrs Liz Warren
Mrs Deb Evans Mrs Michelle Madden Mr Scott Wiggins
Mr Neil Flottmann Mrs Jo McDonald Ms Narelle Wilkins
Ms Zoe Flottmann Mrs Terry McGuire Miss Madeline Williams
Mrs Michelle French Mr David McKean Ms Emma Zou

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

- Proverbs 22:6