Monday, 09 Mar 2020
“Grace has a real passion for studying the impacts of Climate Change and sustainability…”
— - Mrs Donna Googe, Leader of Learning Social Sciences.

University of Tasmania selects Grace Oxenham out of 500 applicants

WestMAC’s Year 12 student, Grace Oxenham has been offered an opportunity to undertake a Marine Biology course for high school students with the University of Tasmania. Lecturer Dr Scott Ling of the University advised Grace in an email that she was ranked among the top 24 students out of 500 applicants for the 5-day field-based unit on Maria Island on the Tasmanian East Coast.

When asked how she managed to secure her place with the program, Grace said she always had an interest in marine biology and an awareness of current environmental issues. She had applied for the course last year, but was told she was too young and encouraged to try again this year when she started year 12.

“When I saw the email in my inbox, I thought it was just another letter of decline. I was ecstatic when I found out I got in!” enthused Grace.

“I studied Geography for the first time last year in Year 11 and again this year. It’s my favourite subject and my teacher Mrs Googe makes it so interesting,” she added.

The exuberant student is looking forward to her first time in Tasmania. She is eager to utilise her snorkelling skills and put into practice what she has learned in class. Grace is a licensed diver and is excited to gain the 12.5 course credits that would ultimately go towards a university degree in the same field.

“Grace has a real passion for studying the impacts of climate change and sustainability – she just lights up when we investigate these issues,” says Mrs Donna Googe, Leader of Learning - Social Sciences.

Mrs Googe was pleased that her student’s efforts were recognised by the University. Grace will travel down south in April to explore the environmental and economic impacts of climate change, invasive species, pollution and debris on Tasmania’s marine environment. We will be posting regular updates from Grace on our WestMAC Facebook page with lots of photos.

Image caption: Grace Oxenham and her Geography teacher Mrs Donna Googe.