Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022

West Moreton Anglican College welcomes a record eight WeeMACs to prep – second generation WestMAC students

A record eight adorable WeeMACs were among the excited and nervous Preppies who started their schooling The WestMAC Way yesterday (Monday).

West Moreton Anglican College’s newest and youngest students were given a warm WestMAC welcome to the Prep classrooms by their experienced Junior School teachers and loved the wide range of activities on offer.

Eight Alumni families have chosen a WestMAC education for their Prep children: Abby, Charli, Braxton, Ezekiel, Isabella (Bella), Soren, Christopher and Eva. They are now affectionately known as WeeMACs (children of Alumni).

Christopher was looking forward to learning about science, Ezekiel couldn’t wait to catch up with friends, while both Eva and Bella were excited to put on their uniforms and get dressed “like big Prep girls’’.

Soren, Bella and Charli were ready to tackle drawing and art while Bella was also keen for reading and writing while Charli was also thrilled to be learning about numbers.

Charli was also excited about the College’s new Prep to Year 2 playground and to be going “to school five days a week and to see my teachers every day’’.

She is also happy to join older brother Toby, 9, (Year 4) at the College and to attend the same school as both of her parents.

“I can’t wait to wave to Toby during assembly,’’ Charli said.

“I’m excited to be wearing my mum’s old Prep uniform.’’

Laura Loveday said both she and her husband Jeremy so enjoyed their educational and extra-curricular experiences at WestMAC that they were keen to explore the College’s offerings when their children were born.

“I enrolled Toby when he was 12 months old, after we went to see the College’s Open Day,’’ Mrs Loveday said. “We really loved the direction the College was going, the upgrades which have been happening, and we’re so impressed with the facilities and teaching staff.

“There are so many teachers still there when we were at school which shows stability and that is something you look for as a parent,’’ Mrs Loveday said.

Principal Mr Geoff McLay was pleased so many College Alumni wanted to continue their WestMAC experience and to give their children the values, culture, and opportunities they enjoyed themselves as WestMAC students.

“As WestMAC nears its 30th birthday in the next year, the College is at a point where we are seeing the next generations coming through, so it’s great to see our College’s strong community legacy continuing,’’ he said.

Head of Junior School Kirsten Mullan, a 28-year WestMAC foundation teacher, has been excited to welcome back a record number of families, as she has fond memories of many of the parents of the new WeeMAC Preps.

“I remember when many of these parents were students in Junior School, so it’s an honour and joy to have the responsibility of nurturing and developing the potential for individual excellence in these second generation of students now attending WestMAC,’’ she said.

“It’s also wonderful to know that they have such positive memories of attending WestMAC as students, and so valued their education and experiences here, that they have chosen to send their children to our College.’’

Learn more about WestMAC’s nurturing learning pathways and extensive range of extra-curricular programs designed to help students achieve their potential here.

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