Thursday, 01 Dec 2022

What Age is Best for a Co-Ed Private School?

West Moreton Anglican College stems from the catholic based education where a legacy of providing young minds with an inclusive, nurturing, and vibrant education. Our students are encouraged to take pride in themselves, respect others, and use their education to become conscientious members of society.

Our inclusive teaching philosophy encourages co ed education for students as it helps develop critical social skills, compassion for others, and a willingness to work with diverse groups of people. Whether your child is preparing for private primary school or private senior school, co ed schools are an important part of a child’s development, even at an early age.

School Diversity

Co ed schools offer an environment in which children experience diversity from an early age. The early years of a child’s development play a critical role in shaping them as people. By enrolling in a co ed private primary school or private senior school, students rise to the occasion by having to think beyond their perspective and empathise with other students, who are vastly different from them.

Promotes Socialisation

It is well known that students educated in a non co ed prep to year 12 school sometimes face difficulties when interacting with members of the opposite sex. When educated together, children understand how to learn, share information, and interact in different situations. The key to effective socialisation for young men and women is to ensure they have a nuanced perspective on each other’s lives. This can only happen if students of different genders, cultures, and backgrounds interact with each other inside a learning environment.

Improves Communication Skills

Thriving in an increasingly competitive world requires deep cooperation between people. By studying, playing, engaging in extracurricular activities and solving problems together, co ed school students become adept at communicating with different people. They develop a nuanced perspective, which allows them to communicate effectively and with patience. Critical communication skills are developed during childhood, which is why experts believe that co ed schooling can be beneficial from an early age.

Co-Ed Anglican Prep to Year 12 School

West Moreton Anglican School aims to provide students with an environment which is dynamic, nurturing, and designed to promote learning. Our aim is to instil a sense of responsibility and confidence in students from an early age, and to give them the tools they need to realise their full potential through co ed education. Contact us today to find out more about co ed school education or enrol your child today.

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