Thursday, 15 Dec 2022

What Are the Advantages of Co-ed School Education?

Mixed or co ed schools are growing in popularity across the world. Governments, communities, and parents have realised that continuous and sustainable development requires diverse systems of education where social skills, respect, and the ability to work with different people are paramount.

At West Moreton Anglican College, we believe that a co ed private secondary school experience, when integrated with the core values of a Christian school, provides students with a unique learning context where many important life skills can be learned. Here are just some of the advantages of a co ed private high school and primary school.

Respect and Confidence

Learning is about more than just developing a cerebral understanding of concepts. Children and high school age students learn important lessons during their school years, and one of the most critical lessons is showing respect to others and themselves. A co ed private secondary school creates an environment where respect is not only taught but also practiced. Students are encouraged to self-reflect, consider how people vastly different from them interact with the world, and find ways to co-exist by putting the needs of others before their own.

By working together as peers, preconceptions about each other are quickly dissolved, leading to a nuanced view of people where discrimination and exclusion are rendered obsolete.

Improved Social Skills

We live in an increasingly globalised world where interacting with people from different cultures and gender identities is a daily requirement. A co ed private high school is a carefully designed microcosm of the real world, where an individual has to develop the ability to empathise and value different perspectives. A co ed private secondary school student enters the job market with multiple ways to approach a problem, to recognise value in others and lead people who are vastly different from them in every way.

Innovative Co ed Catholic School in QLD

Co ed schooling is one of the best ways to give a child a solid, reliable foundation upon which to build their identity. Mixed schools pose a healthy challenge to young children from an early age, confronting them with different experiences, ideas, and notions. At West Moreton Anglican College, we believe that a co ed Christian school encourages students to enact respect and equality in their daily lives.

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