2022 TAS Sport Expression of Interest

When deciding, please consider the nature of the sports with regard to potential risk of injury to your child.

Please ensure the following is addressed for all training sessions and games that the student participates in:

  • College Medical records are updated with current details.
  • Parents are to ensure they have given permission for their child to participate in their chosen sport via the Parent Portal – Permissions.
  • Parents/Students are to ensure they have downloaded the College App and have activated sport notifications.

The TAS Sport season is approximately an 18 week long commitment for both preseason/in season training and games for each particular sport. If there is a clash with club sport it is an expectation that College fixtures are always given first preference.

If your child does not attend training and games, they may not be eligible for awards at the end of year Sports Presentation Night.

We ask that parents avoid making appointments for their children during training times. Part-time work, subject tutoring, music lessons, study for exams and so on, are not acceptable reasons to miss training. As a courtesy to Coaches, if a one-off circumstance should arise, parents should write a note/email explaining the situation and pass on to their child’s coach or sport coordinator prior to the start of the session. Please note that the only acceptable reason for absence at training or games is if your child is participating in Queensland School Sport Representative Trials or they are attending another College activity. Absence due to illness/injury will still be marked on the roll as ‘absent’ so students are encouraged to attend all training sessions if injured or feeling unwell (unless they are infectious) as they can still learn game play and coach’s expectations for the team from the sidelines.

2022 TAS Sport Expression of Interest

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